Right now there are 870 million people around the world who are hungry right now, as in not enough to eat day in and day out.

Food Distribution

The Official No One Left Behind organization has been filling pantries in the Santa Ana area and the
broader communities for 11 years.

ONOLB’s newest direction of growth is in conjunction with CDP (Community Development Partners in Newport Beach, CA) to form a Kitchen for the Orange County and surrounding areas.

ONOLB Stomping Out Hunger!

From the refugees in Syria to children in Africa & Asia to low-income families in your own city, the reality of not having enough to eat is present today for 870 million people around the world.

For many though,especially in the United States, it is a concept that many never experience. For those who do, it is not a struggle they should face alone.

Picture the elite of society enjoying the choicest of foods while the lowest in society don’t know from where their next meal is coming. This juxtaposition is not meant to demean the upper class lifestyle, but to be a simple call to action for giving, just as classic stories such as Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” depict.

The majority of the world’s hungry reside in developing countries, twenty of these having one quarter of their population suffering from malnourishment, including Haiti, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Yemen Republic, Zambia, & Sudan.

Significant progress is being made to diminish the number of hungry in the world. According to José Graziano da Silva, the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), “The near-achievement of the MDG hunger targets shows us that we can indeed eliminate the scourge of hunger in our lifetime.” This is only achievable, however, if we are all taking part in aiding the 870 million.

Many organizations are making efforts to do just that, but the reality of participating for the standard, overcommitted, overwhelmed individual may not be as accessible as their initial desire to help.

The #LetsReThinkHunger Project from the Official No One Left Behind Organization has made it simple.

The organization’s system is a Robin Hood concept of sorts. Taking from the rich to feed the poor. The difference lies in the government’s food banks (the “rich”) partnering with ONOLB (the “Robin Hood”) to take their resources and distribute them to low-income families in each food bank’s community (the “poor”). The process is taken care of. All you have to do is go online, choose your level of support, and you can touch families’ lives from your home by putting food in theirs.

As you plan your next grocery trip, don’t forget it just takes one visit to www.LetsReThinkHunger.com from your computer, mobile device, or tablet,to ensure a struggling family is also able to have groceries. #LetsReThinkHunger is not only a call to support, but a challenge to remember every time you feel the pangs of hunger before you sit down to a delicious meal, there are billions globally who don’t have a meal waiting for them.