Many organizations are making efforts to fight hunger around the world, but the reality of making time to volunteer and participate for the standard overcommitted, overwhelmed individual may not be as accessible as their initial desire to help. If you would like to contribute financially, ONOLB has made it simple. You can touch families’ lives from your home by putting food in theirs.

As you plan your next grocery trip don’t forget it just takes one visit on your computer, mobile device, or tablet to to ensure a struggling family is also able to have groceries. ONOLB’s mission is not only a call to support those hungry near you, but a challenge to remember every time you feel the pangs of hunger before you sit down to a delicious meal, there are billions globally who don’t have a meal waiting for them.

What We Need

If you would like to donate physically to a family in need, we welcome the following or anything you’re willing to offer:
~ Food
~ Blankets
~ Clothing for children
~ Shoes of ALL sizes
~ School supplies
~ Toys for Christmas