Donation Transportation

Official No One Left Behind’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ONOLB Food Transportation, picks up in-kind contributions from the corporate warehouse of the OC Food Bank and brings them back to our distribution center. We inventory it. We have people from UC: Irvine students to the mentally challenged to the Military, who have and continue to volunteer their service by coming to pack the food boxes, which then is loaded onto our trucks and distributed throughout Orange County as well as Los Angeles to families in need.

The organization’s system is a Robin Hood concept of sorts. Taking from the rich to feed the poor. The difference lies in the government’s food banks (the “rich”) partnering with ONOLB (the “Robin Hood”) to take their resources and distribute them to low-income families in each food bank’s community (the “poor”). The middle-man process is taken care of.

What we pick up from OC Food Bank:

– fresh produce – fruits & vegetables from local farms
– fresh & frozen meats
– milk & eggs
– canned goods
– bulk grains & beans
– baby food & baby care products
– various goods from Trader Joe’s, Ralphs, etc.